We celebrate our 20 years with new exiting products:


Mimer yggdrasil (flat) top - Mimer for a turntable on a Compact Harmonihyllan.

Mimer Y

Mimer yggdrasil for mid and top shelves.

Mimer isolation platform

Finally our isolation platform is here! An easy upgrade for most systems! You can start with the "Mimer iso" and perhaps in the future add the rest of the Harmonihyllan and make a MYT of it!

How it all started

Once up on a time it did start with the modified IKEA Lack tables. This simply let the music free compared to most furnitures. When you stack them it was worse but still OK. But it took up a lot of space!

The idea with Harmonihyllan was to make something that did perform as the modified Ikea tables, but much less space demanding. At the time there were no plans to make an extreme product. (But 20 years has passed now)

The two components

After several prototypes we end up with:
  1. Solid aluminum spacers
  2. Solid wood, handcrafted from start.
We found that parts and material with a more harmonic resonance behavior did interfere less with the music. This is why it is called Harmonihyllan (the Harmony shelf) Factory made shelves did not sound the same as genuine solid wood that was handcrafted from start. The same as for musical instruments!

Simple isn´t easy..

Harmonihyllan looks perhaps simple - and it simply improves the music. But the design is not simple and all parts are there for a reason. It is designed to work well during changes in temperature and humidity. However a brand new Harmonihyllan needs more re-tightening as all wodden furnitures.

Optimize your Harmonihyllan

Use the Mimer shelf for the source components!

At home for Harmonihyllan

The compact version is very space effective!

Wide or Compact?

The classic wide version is 600x400mm in total. The compact version is 480x400. (Footprint 480x440) Maximum equipment width for the compact version is 400mm!. With exceptions for the flat top shelves MYT and Munin.

Black or Natural?

The solid aluminum spacers are black or natural anodized.

12cm or 15 spacers?

We offer two lengths for the spacers. The distance between two shelves is about 1 cm more then this.

3 performance levels

Machined Aluminum & solid wood

Our best performing shelves are a combination of one machined aluminum shelf and one thin solid wood shelf which works as a trap for the vibrations. The wood is more or less hidden.

  • Mimer K top or mid shelf
  • MYT flat top shelf
  • Mimer Y top or midshelf

Twin wood

This versions are very popular among the real enthusiasts. Very good performance at the price point. But if the visual appearance is very important to you we recommend the Single Wood or the Machined aluminum versions instead. Over time the relation between the two wooden shelves can start to differ.

  • Tor
  • Munin flat top shelf
  • Idun, top or mid shelf

Single solid wood

The classic version we have made for over 20 years. It looks simple but it is handcrafted in selected solid wood.

  • Oden
  • Yggdrasil