Schabrak II


Upgrade for Harmonihyllan’s base - Schabrak II

For the enthusiast who wants to get the most out of their music system, we offer “Schabrak II”.
Unlike as with previous models, the thin shelf here is a milled-out aluminium plate.
A construction that is taken from BORD.

Performance for a Trud shelf is even closer to BORD with Schabrak II.

For a 60cmx40cm shelf you can reuse our previous Mimer K shelf for Schabrak II.

Trud shelf

Left, Trud corner. Right, Trud underside.
Our newest shelf is a sandwich construction consisting of two glued parts: A thick upper
component that has been milled internally, and a thinner lower component that operates as a
vibration trap.

Compared with Oden (as well as previous shelves Tor and Mimer K), Trud gives a clearly more
harmonious performance. It is our most cost-effective shelf so far
- challenged only by MYT and BORD.

Harmonihyllan BORD

After more than 20 years we are launching BORD. An optimised setup for your most importance
audio device, which in most cases is the source: A turntable, DAC, Hub or Streamer.

New base upgrade (H2)

BORD is the first product with a new type of thicker base plate.

More about BORD

A solid aluminium shelf works as a vibration trap on top of the new base plate. By placing an
audio device here the playback will be degraded. An empty LP sleeve would be a borderline case!
Currently tested with 3x12cm uprights, and giving approx 48,5cm of height incl. spiked feet(*1),
the legs are not fully rigid, but have (for stable floors) an optimised flexibility.
At the top of BORD is an MYT shelf.

Many different designs possible
The picture above shows the design: Black MYT top plate, 3 x natural anodised aluminium uprights,
black anodized aluminium vibration trap, Birch base plate.

(*1 = some tests suggest you can change the lower uprights to 15cm giving a heigh of approx 51,5cm)
(*2 = can possibly be adjusted by replacing spring washers for less stable floors)