Harmonihyllan BORD

After just over 20 years, we are launching BORD. An optimized setup of your most important device,
which in most cases is the source; a vinyl player, a DAC, a Digital Hub or a Streamer.

New bottom upgrade (H2)

BORD is the first product with a new type of thicker base plate.

More about BORD

On top of the new thick base plate, a Mimer shelf works as a vibration trap.
If you set a device here, the playback will be degraded. Not even a cable can stand against
the aluminum shelf at the bottom. The legs are not completely dumb but have an optimized flexibility
which can possibly be adjusted by replacing spring washers for less stable floors. At the top we
have a MYT shelf. Currently, BORD is tested with 3x12cm distances that give approx 48.5 cm
height incl. spike feet without floor protection. But some tests suggest that you can change
out the lowest distances to 15cm and then the height will be about 51.5 cm.

Many different designs possible

The picture above shows the design Birch, black, (nature, nature, nature), black