above left - BORD, above right - 4xTrud in birch

Refined over more than 20 years

Using high-class materials right from the start - Solid handcrafted wood and solid aluminium.
Optimizing small details over the years - Details that improve the music.

Just enough choice*

We offer what we think is just enough choice:

    2 sizes
  • 60cm x 40cm Classic size
  • 48cm x 40cm Compact shelf
The Compact shelf has the uprights placed closer to the corners to allow a greater distance to the
feet of an audio device. The maximum allowed width for audio devices using the compact shelf is 40cm.

    2 types of shelves
  • Trud - Handcrafted wooden shelf (replacement for Tor and Mimer K)
  • Oden - Handcrafted wooden shelf
In addition to the above two shelves, a flat top shelf in aluminium and wood - MYT - is also
available for customers who want a turntable at the top of their Compact shelf.

BORD also uses an MYT shelf at the top.

Both MYT and Trud use the principle of a thinner wooden shelf as a vibration trap.

  • Wooden shelves in birch
  • MYT top shelf in natural anodized aluminium
  • 12cm uprights in natural anodized aluminium
Special options
  • Wooden shelves in black ash, white glazed birch, cherry and walnut
  • MYT top shelf in black anodized aluminium
  • 15cm uprights (* = previous versions are available as updates, or special order!)
  • Build your Harmonihylla: